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  • Amsterdam, carriage ride, carriage ride painting, amsterdam painting, amsterdam oil painting, horse painting, horses painting, horses oil painting -  Painting
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  • poetic imagery, spiritual themes, birds, wildlife, illustration, hand-colored print, inspired by travel, narrative content, dreamlike, whimsical, mysterious, symbolic, spiritual, line drawing, editioned prints, intaglio, etching, soft ground - Wildlife Printmaking
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  • Laural Koons,Laural Madden Koons, Pen and Ink rendering, pen and ink drawing, prints, architectural illustration - Architecture Drawing
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  • Rita Winkler, abstract, landscape, figurative, yellow, red - Abstract Painting
  • wall almp -  Decorative
  • Allegory, Abstract Contemporary, Fantasy - Allegorical Painting
  • Keywords 
San Diego artist, whimsical, portraits, figurative, abstract, surrealism, funny art, mom, whimsical portrait,  whimsical figurative, colorful, Brenda York, California, United States, San diego artist, Southern California artist, fantasy, award-winning artist, internationally collected, contemporary, angel, elf, christmas, holidays, christmas tree, festive, colorful, stocking cap - Abstract Painting
  • Acrylic, abstract, pen and ink, silver  - Abstract Painting
  • acadia national park, cadillac mountain,autumn, maine, marilyn parker - Landscape Painting
  • mixed media,collage,surrealistic,dreamlike,LeeGoldberg,art work,strong images,strong symbolism -  Mixed Media
  • portrait, oii  - Portrait Painting
  • beauty, disfigurement, bullying, marginalization -  Mixed Media
  • abstract, carbon, mixed media, paper - Non-representational Mixed Media
  •  -
  • texture, cool tones, epoxy - Abstract Painting
  • Classic Byzantine Chain Maille,Jewelry,Silver,Necklaces - Necklaces Jewelry