Valerie Burke - Photography
krista marlene - Painting
Valerie Burke - Photography
George B. Trimitsis - Digital Art

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  • painting,watercolor,watercolor painting,oil painting,original painting,marshall,marshall dines,dines,painter,new york,apple,fruit,still life,realism,photorealism,landscape,trees,snow - Landscape Painting
  • Part of Tablet Series - Abstract Painting
  • pen and ink,b/w ink,tracy goestenkors,fullvisionart,pen & ink,art
-  Other
  • Portrait - Portrait Painting
  • Susan Sorrell Hill, Susan Hill, watercolor, original watercolor, magic realism, book illustration, painting, fairytale, fairy tale, surrealism, story, narrative art, illustration, children's art, inspirational art, mystery, symbolism, black, grey, red, night, spotlight, circus, acrobat, aerial, leap, danger, risk, girl, safety, trust - Fantasy Painting
  • duck, trio, sleep, grass, reed, light, bird, portrait, avian, nature, wildlife - Animals Photography
  • Glacier Park, Going to the Sun Road, St. Mary Valley, Montana landscapes - Landscape Painting
  • rusty old ford dump truck F-8 big job. Abandoned in woods Fluvanna County Va. - Realism Painting
  • Diane dale,Circus paintings,Tumbling act,acrobats,Barnum & Bailey circus acts, -  Painting
  • Vivien Archer, Oil Seascape, rocky shore, Long Island, Bahamas
- Seascape Painting
  • figurative study, perspective changes mirror reflections -  Painting
  • Volklingerhutte, World Heritage Site, Nazi prisoner labor - Architecture Photography
  • Regine Hawkins, male head, expressionism, dark mood, angry, extreme lighting - Figurative Painting
  • gay art,Peter J. Ketchum,Peter Ketchum,pop art,gay,Walt Whitman,Calamus,Leaves of Grass,physique,mixed media,acrylic,contemporary,Brooklyn artist,Brooklyn,found photo,ephemera,text based,appropriation,kitsch,vintage,collage - Figurative Painting
  • woodpecker, wood, bird, watercolor, animal, original, bea, -  Painting
  • C. Michael Radford, photography, Southwestern Landscapes,
Anasazi Pueblo Ruins,
Ancient Architecture, 
Chaco Canyon,
Sacred Sites,
Rock Formations,
sunsets, desert, canyons, power spots, mystical,  entities, spiritual, magical areas around Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, and the surrounding Western States, minerals, stones, plants, animals, creatures, surreal,abstract - Abstract Photography
  • Watercolor,nature,wildlife,birds - Wildlife Painting
  • Detail: octopus -
  • Aviation Art, Air Force Art Program, Aviation, Clinton Helms, Illustration - Realism Painting
  • Alan Mazzetti, Mazzetti, Mazzetti Art, Mazzetti Paintings, Mazzetti Landscapes, Landscapes, Vineyards,California Landscapes, Vineyard Landscapes, Napa, Sonoma, Wine Country, Urbanscape, Cityscapes, San Francisco, Urban Scene, City Scene - Cityscape Painting